Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogging Challenge

So apparently today is National Blog Posting Month. Being a newbie to this blogging thing, I've decided to take NaBloPoMo's challenge and post every DAY. For a whole MONTH. Including Saturdays and Sundays.

I thought to myself: Hmmm... that is a lot of days to fill. What could I possibly write about every day?

Then I remembered the conversation my friend Erin and I had during lunch today: what if I tracked what I wore everyday for a whole month? I was thinking of taking a picture everyday of my outfit, then compiling a week's worth of pictures and talking about the story behind the outfits, if there are any. Let's face it: sometimes we pull things from our closet because we have to get dressed for work and it was the only logical choice that morning. For me, my clothing choices revolve around four factors, which are:

  • Does it stink?
  • Does it have any stains?
  • Is it wrinkled?
  • Did I just wear it the other day?
    Sometimes, just to mix it up, I pick my outfits based on the shoes I want to wear for the day. Trust me, it makes things easier in the morning for me. It is easier to decide on what to wear if you have to coordinate things with a focal point.


    Amended 11/7/07

    I've photographed what I've worn for the past seven days, and frankly it's gotten boring posting a picture of myself and describing what I'm wearing. I've realized that I actually have plenty of things to blog about, so I've deleted all the pics and outfit descriptions and put them on my Flickr account here. I'll keep on taking pictures of what I'm wearing throughout November but it didn't make sense using it as a theme this time out.

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