Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Water Source

Gah, I can’t believe it’s time for another entry. This blogging challenge from NaBloPoMo is seriously kicking my ass. I don’t know why I thought I could make it through a whole month of daily blogging when my day to day life is soooo booorrriiinnggg. Honestly.

My life is so boring that the highlight of last week was when the water dispenser in the break room broke and I didn’t know how else to get water. I was torn between taking water from the tap or going downstairs to buy bottled water (which I really hate doing, given that we have five gallon containers of water just sitting there but didn’t dare touch because it would look weird having me pour water from a five gallon jug to a small water bottle). Luckily someone told me that the water dispenser in the other kitchen was working, so why don’t I fill up there instead? Genius! Only I didn’t know that another kitchen had existed until then, and I’ve been working here for four whole months. Imagine working at a place for four whole months and not knowing there are two kitchens on your floor – another microwave, another refrigerator, another dishwasher even – and not using it. This information would’ve been helpful during those times that I’ve waited for someone to finish using the microwave. There have been times when I’ve waited for up to five minutes for a fellow employee to take their food out of the microwave; after five minutes were up, I figured their grace period was over and I’d take their food out and put mine in. I don’t like doing this but I have needs, chief among them hot food. This other microwave would’ve made life so much simpler. Sigh. Better late than never I suppose.

So for the rest of last week, and this week as well, I have been using the water dispenser at the newly discovered kitchen. I was so thrilled with this new discovery that I have been filling up my water bottles two at a time, just in case others discover the new kitchen and take all the water. That being said, guess what happened this morning? Yep, the water dispenser in the old kitchen has been fixed. And it’s been that way since Monday morning. I’m not complaining about the extra steps I took to get to the new kitchen, but come on: there’s got to be a public service announcement for these kinds of things.

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