Monday, November 19, 2007

Spoils from Target

Yesterday I talked about wandering Target for an hour, looking at all their new and exciting merchandise. You don't think I came home empty-handed, now, did you?

Below is a photo essay on the wonderful things I bought from Target for my birthday:

1. Tunic top by Erin Fetherston for Target: I loved this top as soon as I laid eyes on it. It's simple in design but the details are pretty: rounded collar, red buttons, and velvet ribbon stitching. Target has this line called GO International, where couture designers like Erin Fetherston design a limited collection for Target. The collection is sold over a two-month period only. Past GO International designers include Paul & Joe, Libertine, Behnaz Sarafpour, Prouenza Schuler, and Alice Temperley. This time I was at Target on the first day of the collection, so I got to see every piece in every size. This is my mom's birthday gift to me.

2. Cream dress by Erin Fetherston for Target: Another gift from my mom. This dress looks great with tall boots or tights and mary janes. Since I'm petite the skirt isn't as short as it appears on the picture.

3. Silver ballet flats by Xhiliration: I bought these flats for myself. I have been enamored with these ballet flats from J. Crew for some time and was thrilled to find a cheap alternative at Target for $14.99!

This is how they look with jeans:

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