Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fall's Here

Today, and for the past week, it’s gotten colder here in LA. Finally, it feels like fall for the first time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and warm temperatures that LA is famous for, but somehow it feels wrong to be wearing t-shirts and shorts during the holiday season (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, of course). It’s nice to finally be wearing sweaters, tights, scarves, and jackets. Sometimes I even wear a beanie when I walk Chuy at night.

Speaking of Chuy, his coat has finally grown back in time for fall and winter. This is Chuy after his haircut this summer:

And this is him now:

He's still the same skinny dog but he looks bigger on account of all that fur.

In addition to the temperatures dipping, today I've realized that there are 27 shopping days left until Christmas. That may sound like plenty of time to shop, but it'll be Christmas before I know it. I've already started thinking about my Christmas list this year, and my strategy for avoiding crowds at the mall. There's nothing I hate more than the unholy trinity of holiday shopping: fighting traffic getting to the mall, dificulty in finding a parking space, and standing in long lines. If I do have to make a mall visit, I'll make sure to breathe deeply and count to ten.

And of course, remember the holiday spirit.

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