Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sometimes Muffins Result in Muffin Tops

Normally I am not a girl that obsesses over her weight. I feel that I’ve inherited good genes from my parents and have stayed slim for pretty much all my life. My body’s metabolism rocks.

However, during the past two weeks, and with the dreaded 2-9 Y.O. looming in the horizon I have become concerned that this streak may soon be coming to an end. I use my clothes to gauge whether or not I have gained weight, and I’ve always been +/- 10 pounds from my normal weight depending on my diet and exercise habits. I think that I may be a tad over the +10 mark since lately my pants have been snug. The photo of what I’m wearing at the end of the post is evidence of this weight gain. My belly is not folding over my waistband (yet) but it’s getting increasing hard to find loose tops to hide the muffin top effect.

I think this is my body’s way of telling me to get off my butt and start working out. In addition to the extra weight I’m tired all the time and find it hard to get anything accomplished after I get home from work. My routine has been to walk the dog immediately after getting home, then read a book or watch TV in a stupor before succumbing to sleep.

Maybe working out will commence once I recover from the sheer volume of work that I’m facing the rest of this week and next. Just thinking about all that needs to get done here at the office makes me super-anxious and drops all non-work related thoughts, like working out, from my head. But I think that if I want to get fit I need to start working on it immediately and not let my workload ruin those plans.

Wish me luck!

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