Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who's the Big Dummy Now?

I know I've referred to my dog as a Big Dummy in the past but lately behind those vacant eyes is a dog that knows how to get what he wants and he's finally figured out a way to get it.

Take tonight for example. I had no idea Chuy understood the word walk. My dog Princess, bless her soul, knew this word intimately and would get excited whenever she heard it. At some point we even started spelling it out just so she wouldn't get so hyped up (luckily for us, she never learned how to spell). Apparently Chuy, unknown to us, also knows this word, and got a little excited.

What happened next is an annoying development that's been taking place this past week. He whines. Chuy whines, and cries, and taps you with his big paws in order to get his walk. It is incredibly annoying but incredibly effective. I understand that he's been alone all day and he wants his 30 minute walk NOW, but it's annoying to be heckled by your own dog for a walk.

Friends, my dog is a diva.

On a side note, while out on a walk with Chuy tonight, we took a picture of this bus. Wouldn't that be a great bus to ride?

Wouldn't it be great if you could say It's Friday, let's get on board the party bus!


You're taking a cab? Me, I'm going on the party bus!


Yes, it was me you saw having fun aboard the party bus!

Really, the great phrases are endless. I even found myself trying to come up with more as I was trying to get to sleep last night.


Nikki843 said...

he just wants some lovin'!! ;)
he's no dummy anymore...he tricked you guys...he learned from the best that's why (princess)...

a party bus!!?? where can we get one??!

Ate Sha said...

You've underestimated Chuy's intelligence and completely misjudged him....I just wanna hug him....lately we've been walking the dogs separately (Sasha first and then Gunner) and Gunner is the biggest baby of all! He cries and gives us the biggest puppy dog eyes! So...I gave him the biggest hug today! Give Chuy a big bear hug for me!

Abby said...

Chuy got to sleep in bed for a few minutes last night for being a good boy. Yesterday he didn't do his full whine, so I rewarded him by rubbing his belly in bed (his favorite place to sleep).

Genevieve said...

Chuy's such a bebe. He kept poking me with his paw until I got up and took him for the walk. Some lady walking by commented on how cute he was. Chuy likes the ladies!