Sunday, August 19, 2007

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

On Friday night, I went to see the Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies with Rene, my sister Vieve and her boyfriend Ken. Unlike the $10 nosebleed seats, the tickets we got were close to the action. A big THANK YOU to my cousin Sharon for giving me the tickets and the preferred parking space (which was awesome). We felt like big spenders at the game.

This was Rene's first baseball game. For some reason he has never been into baseball; for me, it's because baseball broadcasts are boring. However, I must say that watching a game on TV and watching a game live is like two different animals. The live games are NEVER boring - in addition to the non-stop action on the field there is always something to watch or read on the jumbo screen. And when you get a tired of that, there are always Dodger dogs or ice cream malts to eat. I was fully entertained for three hours.

Game highlights: After Jeff Kent hit a home run in the second inning, the Dodgers scored four more home runs and led the game 5-0 until the fifth inning. Unfortunately this was the time I chose to buy my Dodger dog and ice cream malt and heard all the excitement as I was paying for my food and putting ketchup on my hot dog. I had rotten timing!

During the game there is something called the "Kissing Cam" - basically couples are shown on the jumbo screen with their faces inside a heart. Most, if not all, couples kiss and it is very sweet to watch this on the big screen. The best part came when the last couple was shown on the screen. At first, the man and woman looked embarrased to be on the jumbo screen, and it looked like the guy was avoiding the woman. Then a big message flashed on the scoreboard that said, "Alesandra Will You Marry Me?" and the guy got down on one knee. How romantic! She said yes, they kissed, and the whole stadium cheered. Who ever said there's no romance in baseball? This may have happened last year when I went to see the Dodgers (again, courtesy of lovely cousin Sharon) but to me it never gets old.

There was no break on the action until the seventh inning stretch, my favorite part of the game. This is my favorite part because everyone in the stadium gets up, stretches, and sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game. A baseball game just isn't complete until you sing this song, and I was having a lot of fun singing off-key like the other drunk people in the stands. There was also a wave going throughout the game, and I must've gotten off my seat three or four times for the wave. Unfortunately you can't experience these things when watching the game, and it makes the experience so worthwhile. Here are some pics:

The Dodgers won without having to play the bottom of the ninth inning, and we had a great time.


Ate Sha said...

You're very welcome....I can't believe Rene has never been to an actual baseball game! Watching it on TV is so boring and does not do any justice at all....I'm glad you guys had fun...great pix too!

Nikki843 said...

all i have to say is "DODGER DOGS!!!!!!!!"

Ate Sha said...

Oh yeah...wait til' basketball season! Wassup Kobe! I'll hook ya up....we just got the entire season tickets today!