Sunday, August 12, 2007

Venice Canals

We got up early on Saturday morning to have Rene's motorcycle tuned up in Culver City. Chuy came with us so that he could get his morning walk while we waited for the motorcycle to get fixed. We parked near the beautiful neighborhood overlooking the Venice canals and took a walk.

I've lived in Los Angeles for 15 years now, and although I've passed this area a few times, I have never actually walked around the neighborhood. The houses are very well-maintained, and all of the backyards have low walls to capture the view of the canal and the surrounding houses. It must be so nice to live here and get a view of the canal early in the morning. It must also be a pain at the same time because there isn't very much privacy in the backyard; the yards are small and people walking on the sidewalk can see everything. I guess that's the trade-off. We had fun taking in the scene and took some pics during our walk:

Mr. Chuy was not happy about being picked up by Rene for a picture. He was sniffing around and was too distracted to pay attention to us, so Rene took matters into his hands and hoisted him up for a photo. By the time it was my turn, Chu Chu was a little mellower but not very pleased. He had tons of fun, and we even walked all the way to Venice Beach.

During our walk, people kept wanting to pet Chuy and kept telling us that he is the cutest dog ever. I tell Chuy everyday that he is the cutest dog in the whole world but I'm biased because he's my dog. I guess everyone else feels the same way I do.

Chuy was knocked out for the rest of the day.

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Nikki843 said...

i'd like to go kayaking looks nice and nice to see the houses around....
did u guys go to venice boardwalk?
there are lots of dogs walking there...chuy would be the king of the road