Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Does the Color Sherbret Look Like?

When J. Crew refers to a color as sherbret, please keep this in mind.

I had imagined sherbret being darker in color, a vivid red perhaps, not ORANGE. Since this is a final sale, eg not returnable, I made the best out of the situation by throwing on a cute brown belt and peep toe platform shoes. But are they enough to salvage the outfit? Stay tuned!

That smile on my face is not one of amusement; I always smile for pictures. I am really crying inside.

UPDATE (8/16/07 3:34 PM)

I'd like to send a shout-out to my friend Erin for saying that she liked the pink/orange look of the dress - thank you! Someone else in the office said they like the dress - bless her heart!


Ate Sha said...

Gayle...the dress looks great and I didn't mind the color at all. It's a good look for you and light on the eyes. The color "sherbet" is mostly associated with a peachy, more orange color but I guess I need to see the actual dress in person....yay for JCrew..(btw-there's a really simple, yet elegant looking jersey dress in the catalog that's paired with red flats that I have my eye on..super cute!)....LOVE ur blog btw!

Abby said...

Haha, what I SHOULD have done was google "sherbret" before ordering online to avoid confusion. Honestly, it looked really cute and I really was expecting more of a berry.

I was gonna dye this dress navy or purple before today; I think I will keep the original color instead.

Nikki843 said...

actually i can read behind that smile of yours....this smile is actually saying "f'ing J. Crew, that's the last time i'm getting stuff from a catalog...sherbet my @ss!!!"