Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paradise Cove

Sunday was a beautiful LA day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the beach beckoned for us to come. Rene and I packed our bags and hopped on his motorcyle for Paradise Cove Cafe to have lunch and go swimming (him, not me - I was thinking of just hanging out and reading books). Paradise Cove Cafe - the restaurant has a nice ring to it, no?

Fast forward to the restaurant waiting area 30 minutes later - the wait for a table is two hours! Are you kidding me? I was really peeved and was about to tell the hostess no thank you but Rene stopped me and said that we should hang out for while we waited for our table. I wasn't thrilled with having to wait two more hours to eat, but sometimes we just have to make the best out of the situation and not whine so much (well, I still whined a little bit to get it out of my system and soldiered on).
While Rene swam I sat on the beach reading my book. The weather was so gorgeous - pleasantly warm and sunny - that I didn't mind putting my thoughts of food aside. Lazy days like these remind me of why I love living in LA and why everyone in the South probably hates us. 90% humidity, anyone?

After an hour spent on the beach, Rene and I went back to the restaurant for our table. We were starving and ordered fried calamari as appetizers, and charbroiled halibut for me, clam linguine for Rene. The portions, especially the calamari was huge, and it came in a huge martini glass - nice touch! However, the food was not awesome as I had hoped but okay, and to be honest it wasn't worth the wait, but the atmosphere was nice and the view was great. When the bill finally came I was surprised to learn that our meal cost $75 plus tip - yikes!

Next time I think we'll bring some PB&J and avoid the exhorbitant bill. At least we got a postcard out of it.


Nikki843 said...

the view does look nice and that calamari looked good but i guess looks can be deceiving...(i can never figure out if it's i before e except after c...so did i spell deceiving right??)

Abby said...

Yes Nikki you spelled deceiving right... I checked it on MS Word!

Actually the calamari was good but a little bland after a while. It would've tasted better with fried shrimp mixed in though.