Thursday, January 31, 2008

A sign of maturity?

Two days ago, I accidentally stumbled into a big sale at How big? Well, there was an additional 30% markdown on sale items, and to give you an idea on how huge that is, a cashmere cardigan I have been eyeing that originally cost $175 was on sale for $69. A cashmere cardigan made in Italian mills – that, my friends, is a steal. Being 16 hours ahead of everyone in the West Coast (13 hours for those preppy peeps in the East Coast), I must’ve visited the site just as the sale BEGAN… practically every color was available in my size, including a cobalt one that would go wonderfully with many outfits.

So what happened? Am I now the proud new owner of a cashmere cardigan in cobalt?

Sadly, no.

I hemmed and hawed about NEEDING adding another cashmere piece to my wardrobe. Who NEEDS a cashmere cardigan? Sure, they’re soft and keep you warm, but it’s hard to argue that they are a necessity - especially if you live in LA where winter temperatures barely dip below 50 degrees farenheit. Exercising my newfound restraint, I held off and decided not to buy it. I already have so many clothes, I reasoned, and I already have a cashmere cardigan purchased from J. Crew two years ago (which I love!). Besides, it’s not like this is J. Crew’s last sale EVER – if it’s meant to be, another one will be one sale when the time is right (i.e. I have more money to spend). With that thought, a little voice in my head saying, “ooooh but it is such a good deal! And cashmere!” was silenced and I went about the rest of my day here in China, working away, making sure I met with everyone before I left on Saturday.

Around lunchtime the following day, the volume of the little voice in my head (now whiny and pitching a fit) increased, and before long I was visiting again to see if the cardigan was still there. It was not. It was probably one of the first colors to go, and another dress I had my eye on was gone as well. So much for sneaking in a J. Crew purchase while overseas!

In a way, I am relieved that those items were sold out before I had a chance to order them. I’ve had a bit of an impulse control problem the past two years, and holding off on purchasing things that I clearly do not need (but were priced so low!) was good for me. I am very proud that I am still here, cardigan-less, but more importantly, I have more money in my pocket by not making the purchase.

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