Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of Cake and Molars

I am two days away from my two dental appointments: one with my orthodontist to change my wires and bands (courtesy of Braces Part II), and one with my new dentist for a cleaning. Given all the sweets I have been eating during the holidays - hey, who am I kidding - all of 2007, I may have a few cavities that need to be filled.

I've been to the dentist enough times during my lifetime - at least once a year for annual checkups and Braces Part I - that I don't even fear the dentist anymore. My most painful dental appointment was back when I was 16 and had 13 cavities. I got seven cavities taken care of during that visit (sans novacane) and came back for the remaining six the following week (again, no pain medication). At this point the pain is more uncomfortable rather than painful. I feel like I have an out-of-body experience when getting work done on my teeth: I just relax and think about something else. The work is usually done before I know it.

I was reminded of the dentist today because it was someone's birthday today at the office. As is our custom here, the whole department takes a break in the afternoon to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake. Today it was a fruit pie from Porto's Bakery here in Burbank, and last time it was chocolate cake. This is in addition to the donuts and pastries brought in for the birthday girl this morning. I may need to start buying new pants due to weight gain.

I think it's really sweet that people celebrate birthdays here and pass cards around for everyone to sign. I know it felt nice to have cake and a card on my birthday, and it made the day really special. I don't know if I can say the same about visiting two dentists on Thursday.

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kat said...

Dentists and I don't do well. At all. I go, and I can tell myself that logically everything will be fine. But I'm a mess while I'm in there. Luckily, my dentist and his team are wonderful.

Hope things are going well in China!