Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grateful for the Little Things

I typically work harder when I’m working internationally. It’s not that the work itself is harder; it’s that there is more to do in a small amount of time. Long work days are the rule and not the exception.

That being said, traveling to a foreign country also has its perks. The one perk I am enjoying during my stay here is my junior suite at the Westin. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I'd like to share my favorite things about my room:

This is called a rainforest shower head. When standing under it, it feels like taking a warm shower from a waterfall (apparently that is how people living in the rainforest take showers). Not a second is spent waiting for the warm water to envelop your body, and it is especially relaxing when taking a shower at night.

This bathtub is huge. Plus there’s ample room on the side to hold books and magazines while enjoying a soak in the tub.

Every pillow has a different consistency – some are firm, some are soft, and some are stuffed with feathers. I like the ones stuffed with feathers. The hotel also has a turn-down service where they close the curtains and pull down the bedding corner for you, like shown above. The only thing missing is the chocolate.

This is a magical device. It turns the lights in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom on and off and is conveniently placed on the nightstand. It’s especially helpful when you are suffering from jet lag and are desperate for sleep.

Room service - need I say more? Tonight I had seafood yellow curry with oatmeal cookies and warm milk for dinner. I think I've gained at least five pounds during this trip!

Even though I work some crazy hours, it’s nice to know that at the end of the day I come home to these things. It tempers the sting of hard days and makes the end of the day so much more rewarding.

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Anonymous said...

Yous like feathered pillows ? somewhere in China there's a naked chicken, goose, pigeon... bird freezin his little ass off.

Saves the birds coalitions.
saving one bird at a time wis a lisp.