Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chatsworth Hike: A Photo Essay

On Saturday morning Rene, Chuy and I took a hike in Chatsworth. It's been about a month since my last hike and we'd decided that fresh air would do us good. Rather than talk about the hike, which wasn't very exciting, I've decided to make a photo essay instead. Behold:

Chuy eager to pee on bushes and do #2 on several unsuspecting plants.

Chuy sneezing on a bush.

Chuy and I having a chat.

Halfway though the hike we found this cool rock ledge and decided to take a few pictures. Here's Chuy and I showing off our mad posing skills:

All this mad posing tired Chuy out so we headed home aftewards.

Rene carrying Chuy off the rock ledge.

Our photographer, Rene, who took awesome pictures.

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