Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celebrate Good Times C'mon

Chuy had a little part-ay in honor of his sixth birthday today. It wasn't a big gathering, just the three of us took part in the celebration. Chuy wanted to invite all the neighborhood dogs and have them wear lampshades on their head but we said no. Besides we didn't want to have to clean up their "presents" after the party.

The first order of business was putting on the party hat. What's a party without a hat? Chuy agreed.

Then came dancing...

Chuy knows how to get down with his bad self

Chuy got tired of dancing after a while and got hungry. So we presented Chuy with his cake made of fillet mignon and kibbles. Looks delicious, no?

Needless to say, Chuy ate the cake within two minutes and was asking for the next cake. What other cake, Chuy? It's one per birthday my friend.

Chuy opened presents after eating the cake. Surprise - we got you a fizzy bath ball! (That means you stink Chuy)

All this partying has made Chuy tired, so we called it a night.

Sweet dreams, birthday boy!

That concludes Chuy's sixth birthday celebration. In dog years Chuy is 42 years old, but who's counting?


Ate Sha said...

What? Gunner and Sasha weren't invited to the partay???

Abby said...

I think next year we'll have a doggy party for Chuy. He's generally good around other dogs.