Thursday, February 7, 2008

Forget about walking in LA… the parking is even worse!

Most days, I love LA. I really, really heart this city and all of the wonderful things it offers: the good weather, constant sunshine, the multitude of places to visit (everything from museums to parks to beaches to shopping malls) – there’s a little bit of LA for everyone to enjoy. You just have to make sure you can find a parking space!

Last night I stopped by a little restaurant on my way to my book club meeting and found no parking spots nearby. I went around the block, across the street, down a block across the street – nothing. I found no parking spots. I was only going to visit the restaurants for a mere five minutes (since I’ve already placed my order and only had to pick it up), so I thought I’d park in the resident permit area just a skip away from the restaurant. After all, it’s only five minutes, and what meter maid is going to go after me for five minutes?

I was in the restaurant for no longer than five minutes, and as soon as I stepped out I saw a meter maid writing me a parking ticket. A parking ticket! For five friggin’ minutes! Are you kidding me?!! Apparently the meter maids in LA take their job very seriously.

I was fuming and ready to unleash a string of expletives on the guy writing me a ticket for five minute parking – which, at $45 cost me $9 per minute. But really, it was my fault for parking there, and why fume at the guy who was just doing his job? So I kept quiet and waited for the stupid ticket to print out. I really hate the parking situation in LA, especially that neighborhood of West Hollywood. All the meters are always taken, and if you are near homes or apartments they usually require a permit to park in the street. Don’t get me wrong, I understand where the residents are coming from; I wouldn’t want random people parking on my street either. But getting a ticket after five minutes? Come on! At least have the decency to grant a five-minute grace period.

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LA Blogger Gal said...

Yeah, those WeHo traffic cops are intense! My husband parked outside his office once, I ran across the street to grab a coffee - again,no more than 5 minutes. I came out and yes, we had a ticket...for not doing the tires on the hill thing. I was pissed. But hey, it wasn't my fault, I wasn't driving, the hubs drove in.