Friday, December 28, 2007

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation, Part 2 of 3

Every year Rene and I spend Christmas in two places: Christmas Eve with Rene's family, and Christmas Day with mine. Luckily our families live nearby so there's no travel involved.

Christmas Eve with Rene's family is a low-key affair. We usually have dinner around 8 pm, then hang out/watch movies/play games until midnight, when the gifts are opened. At midnight, everyone's gifts are grouped by person, and we all take turns opening our gifts. Here are pictures of us opening gifts on Christmas Eve:

Rene showing off his present

Rene's first gift was a 10 million candlepower flashlight from his mom. This is Henry modeling it for us in the house...

... and this is Henry showing off the flashlight outside the house. It looks like we're trying to summon Batman on Christmas Eve.

My mother-in-law Juana opening her gift

Henry opening his gift from us, an iPhone cover

Rene and Henry posing with their Las Vegas t-shirts from their dad

Chuy using his Christmas gift: a food and water bowl set

Me wearing my Christmas gifts (loved the scarf and jewelry from my mother-in-law)

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