Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This past weekend my hair was bothering me. It wasn't because my hair was doing something weird like forming a hideous cowlick with my bangs or getting in my face, or even because the split ends were starting to look ragged. My hair was bothering me because my highlights were growing out, and I was too cheap to go back to my stylist to change it back to my natural color.

To recap, last week my hair color looked like this:

See how happy I look, how much I like my hair color? Unfortunately it was meant only for the summer, as keeping it this color costs me an arm and a leg. So this past Sunday I decided to take matters into my own hands by purchasing a box of midnight black Clairol Nice N' Easy (with no ammonia) and enlisting the help of my mom to go back to my roots. The result is this:

At first I thought, huh, it's a little too black ; I look like a goth girl but it will fade out. I was feeling good with about my decision until a co-worker said on Monday, "you changed your hair color - and it's...DARK." This comment made me feel like it was a very bad decision, and that perhaps I was correct in thinking that I did look goth. Yes, ME - a goth girl. Were Amy Lee of Evanescence and I separated at birth? You decide.

On second thought maybe I should've posed with a ripped tank top so you could see the similarities.


Ate Sha said...

I for sure like the old color-the darker color makes you look really young (which may not be too bad) but I really liked your highlights! I think Gen did a great job-she also scored some serious dough from you though! Maybe she has a lay-away plan?...kidding!

Abby said...

My Lord, I paid some serious money for those highlights! I really, really loved them and am sorry to see them go. Maybe next summer they can make another appearance...

I LURVE your new hairstyle Ate Sha! It looks terrific on you! Seeing your new bob makes me want to cut my hair too, but I think I'll wait until next spring.

Nikki843 said...

i like the dark color...i've always wanted to dye my hair black but never had the guts to..scared of more hair falling out...i like it and it's on time for the fall season